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  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 parking spaces

$ 365,000
3BR T/House. One of Shepps Best
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3 parking spaces

$ 299,000
3 BR plus sep. study on 1 Tatura
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 2 parking spaces

$ 250,000
In town 1500sqm land and 3BR BV home
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Selling from start to finish

What happens from when you accept a purchaser's offer.
KMRE send a copy of the particulars of sale (a document detailing all the agreed terms, dates and price) to both your solicitor and the solicitor acting for the purchaser.
Your solicitor will immediately start to prepare the two following documents;
1) Section 32. This consists of things like a copy of the title, rates notices, and documents from the water and roads authorities.
2) A contract of sale. This outlines the terms of the sale, price, settlement date, who is buying the property and who is selling the property etc. Please be aware that it can take up to 12 working days for all of the documents required for the Section 32 to be received from the different authorities.
Your sale might have conditions attached to it such as requiring the completion of Pest and Building Inspections within a time frame of say 7 days so these inspections will be completed in the next few days as well.
Once you have accepted an offer for the purchase of your property it is the policy of KMRE not to present any further offers to you which is in line with accepted moral and ethical real estate industry standards. The details of any person contacting KMRE about your property will be recorded and dealt with only if the accepted offer does not proceed.
With regard to Pest and Building Inspections these are paid for by the purchaser and the purchaser generally contacts the person doing the inspection and asks them to contact our office. We will then make the necessary appointment with you. If you are going to be home KMRE will not normally attend a Pest or Building inspection however if you are not going to be there and we have a key we will attend.
Once the Section 32 is completed you will be asked by your solicitor to sign the document.
After signing the Section 32 a copy of the Section and an unsigned copy of the Contract of Sale is forwarded to the purchasers solicitor.
The purchaser/s will receive both documents from their solicitor and be asked to sign agreeing to purchase the property.
The purchaser’s solicitor may ask the purchaser to check the measurements of the block. In this case the purchaser will be given a copy of the title and will contact our office. It is entirely normal for this to occur.
Once contacted we will make the necessary appointment with you and at the nominated time the purchaser and I will attend your property and check the measurements.
The purchaser’s solicitor will usually ask for this to be completed as they are looking after the interest of the purchaser and by law, once a property deal has settled then any problem with the land measurements become the problem of the purchaser.
We will not come into your home unless we cannot get around the whole of the property boundary from the outside.
Once satisfied that the title measurements are correct the purchaser will inform their solicitor and this is another step towards completion of the sale.
Upon signing the Section 32 and Contract of Sale the purchaser is generally required to pay the deposit. Please note that it is common in almost all cases for the purchaser’s solicitor to hold onto the documents until all conditions of the contract such as pest and building inspections have been satisfied. It is also common that the purchaser’s solicitor will keep the contracts in his possession until he has received proof that the purchaser’s finance has been approved even though this may not be a condition of the contract.
In relation to a purchaser who is obtaining finance, it’s also usual for the purchaser’s lending institution to ask for a valuation on the property being purchased from a licensed valuer. This is done at the purchaser’s expense and provided the valuation comes in around the sale price then everything is fine and it’s just another tick in the procedure.
Should your property not value at the sale price then depending on the amount that the purchaser is borrowing problems can occur with the worst result being that the sale can fall over. This means that the purchaser is not able to obtain the finance to complete the purchase and withdraws from the contract which according to law he is able to do so.
With all things going well to this point the Section 32, Contract of Sale and deposit will be returned to your solicitor and the deposit will be placed into your solicitors trust account and he becomes the stake holder.
You will be asked to sign the Contract of Sale by your solicitor and when this has occurred the contracts become what we call ‘exchanged’.
After we are notified by your solicitor that the Contract of Sale has ‘exchanged’ we will place a sold sticker on the For Sale board at the front of your house and show the internet listing as ‘Under Offer’. Also note that although the sale at this time is generally regarded to be a done deal there are some situations that can still cause the sale to fall over. Theses are called requisitions on the title or other issues and for advice on these matters you need to contact your solicitor. My advice is not to worry about this matter until such a situation occurs as in most cases there is never a problem.
The settlement date will then be confirmed or set. You are required to move out of your property unless other arrangements have been made such as leasing the property back prior to the settlement date.
With regard to keys and things like remote controls for the garage door, warranty forms, instruction manuals or anything else that generally goes with the property what we suggest is that you leave them all in a top drawer of the kitchen.
A purchaser who is new to the area might also appreciate a note with the names of competant trades people who are familiar wtih the property being left for them
Normally vendors give us a house key which we can give to the purchaser after settlement however if you haven’t given us a key then you need to drop a key to the front door into our office.
Please do not lock all the keys you have inside your house after vacating it.
Also note that the property must be left in the same condition as it was in when the purchaser agreed to purchase it. You cannot remove any of the Chattels listed in the sale contract, swap over items or remove a favourite plant from the garden unless it was agreed to in the contract. You also must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition and remove any rubbish or things lying around the yard.
Within 7 days before settlement the purchaser is entitled to conduct what is called a ‘Pre Settlement Inspection’. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that all of the Chattels which were listed in the Contract of Sale are still intact at the property and also that the property is in the same condition as at the time they agreed to purchase it.
We always advise purchasers to conduct the Pre-Settlement Inspection once you have moved out of the property and ideally the day before settlement. If a problem occurs at this time you may be asked to rectify it. Also if you don’t leave a particular chattel item listed in the Contract of Sale and you cannot rectify it or replace it the purchaser’s solicitor is entitled to adjust the purchase price at settlement.
Settlement will occur at a predetermined time and place and you are not required to attend.
Settlement means that your solicitor will have received payment for the property and that he has given the purchaser’s solicitor or the purchaser’s mortgagee the property title.
You have now sold the property and the funds received will generally be used to pay out any mortgage, our fees and legal costs.
You will receive the balance in the manner that you have nominated to your bank.
Once settlement has occurred you will normally receive a phone call from both your solicitor and our office.
Note that some solicitors may do things slightly different to the above but what we have outlined is a good indication. Also many things can go wrong or take a little longer than expected so sometimes a fair bit of patience is required.
Rest assured that everyone is working on your behalf to get the property settled as soon as possible.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above please give us a ring on 5831 6405 or contact your solicitor.